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Membership applications and levels of membership available NOW see page #2!  We are growing total membership is now 64!!!

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Our Veterans Museum  Vietnam display is very nice, we invite all to go by and check it out! They could also use some volunteer help a couple of hours each month at the museum, so think about it! Thanks to Tim, Red and Terry for their volunteer efforts.

Membership dues for 2016 will be via a donation from our members. No set amount, what ever your feel you can give to help us stay strong. We now can accept larger donations to cover two years at a time! Keeping it simple!
NEXT Chapter Get Together .....VHPA Reunion in RENO then Picnic in Plamer!

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Finishing our 2nd year of existence as a VHPA Chapter in the great state of ALASKA! By recognizing the pilots of Vietnam and expanding our chapter to other Military and Alaskan pilots and crews we will work in conjunction with Our National VHPA. We are dedicated to the objectives of the VHPA and to the fulfillment of purpose: There is Pride in knowing WE FLEW!


HONORING THOSE WHO SERVED....... Our Chapter is now aCommemorative Partnerwith the

United States of AmericaVietnam War Commemoration. 

It is an organization that is dedicated to Honoring and Thanking our Vietnam Veterans and their families, especially those who lost loved ones.  We will be participating with our events throughout the next year. For more information about the project go to

                        OK all you BYERS LAKE Memorial weekend guys ........ Looks like it was another fabulous Memorial Day Celebration. Vic Micol's presentation was outstanding and touching. The weather was great and the friendships over the top!
A SUPER thank you to Terry for putting this together and running  the operation this year ... Great Job Terry! As usual expect a Wonderful Memorial Celebration and if you were not there this year, plan for it next year!

This year Halibut fishing trip out did last year! Another great day on the water and the halibut wanted to just jump in the boat! Thanks to Dan Retzinger and Seeking Adventures  for taking us out and for all the craziness and fun from everyone. Had a couple around 70 pounds, a couple at 50 pounds and the rest ... well our arms were tired so we just kept the 30 to 40 pounders! Picture just shows 8 of the 18 fish we caught between nine of us!